Organic Crop Nutrient Vermiwash Preparation and Use of Liquid Fertilizer .

 Vermiwash organic liquid fertilizer preparation

We are discussing here the organic crop nutrient-Vermiwash preparation method, dosages according to crop growth, and application of liquid fertilizer.
Organic liquid fertilizer Vermiwash preparation and crop neutriants
Organic liquid fertilizer Vermiwash preparation
 Vermiwash is a very effective liquid organic fertilizer but we do not know about the preparation and importance of vermiwash. we think that only branded and expensive nutrients available in the market are very good. 

The use of expensive nutrients in the market increases crop production costs. Vermiwash is a guarantee of the purity and it is an organic liquid fertilizer.
Vermiwash organic crop nutrient -preparation method and dosages
Vermiwash organic liquid fertilizer

Vermiwash preparation method.

Water is sprinkled to wet the waste or dung while the vermicompost manure is being prepared. While eating this wet waste, some amount of water also goes into the body of the earthworm. This water is released from the body of the earthworm along with the waste. This yellowish water is called as Vermiwash-  liquid fertilizer.
Generally, the drum method is used for producing vermiwash. In the drum, earthworms are fed on agricultural waste or dung and slowly the water is added to it. This water is mixed with the waste. These wastes are consumed by earthworms and expelled with some water.
It contains earthworm urine in the form of moisture. This urine accumulates in the base of the drum. These drams are fitted to the bottom of the basin, through which the drainage of the wastewater comes out.

Vermiwash preparation Unit

Vermiwash organic crop nutrient preparation method dosages.
Vermiwash preparation method.
  • Take a simple pot or bucket of the required capacity.
  • Mark four parts on it vertically.
  • A small tap attached at the bottom.
  • Now fill the lowermost part with pebbles.
  • Then fill the next part with coarse sand. These two parts are for the peculation of water.
  • Now use a thin layer of compost or dung and soil mixture in the ratio of 1:1. The earthworms are feed in this layer.
  • The remaining fourth part is to fill with soil and dung in the same ratio.
  • This is the preparation method of the Vermiwash unit used for making liquid fertilizer.

The functioning of Vermiwash Preparation Unit

After installing this unit keep the tap open for 48 hours and allow the water to flow out so that the impurities are cleared off.
After 10 days you will start collecting your vermiwash. You will get 7-10 liters with medium size drum or bucket.
The shelf life of Vermiwash is about 2 months.

What type of waste is used in vermicomposting for liquid fertilizer?

There are various raw materials used in vermicomposting for vermiwash preparation. Such as banana peels, Eggshells, chicken, rabbit, or goat droppings, Vegetable Cooking Water, compost tea, Epsom salts, Agri waste. 

Use/ Benefits of Vermiwash organic liquid fertilizer

  • Vermiwash making is 100% organic and eco-friendly and widely used in organic farming.
  • Vermiwash contains abundant micro-nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, potash, calcium & zinc and is alkaline. It helps to stay healthy and strong in crops, vegetables, fruit trees, and other crops.
  • Vermiwash helps in controlling some of the deadly fungi.
  • Vermiwash accelerates photosynthesis.
  • The number of microorganisms in the soil increases.
  • Increases productivity of crops.
  • Disease and harmful insects are reduced on crops.
  • It contains enzymes and amino acids
  • Fungi, heterotrophic bacteria, phosphate solubilizers, actinomycetes including nitrogen fixers,

Vermiwash organic crop nutrient preparation method dosages.
Organic crop nutrient Vermiwash preparation
  • Hormones like gibberellins, auxins, Cytokinins are present.
  • Soluble Nitrogen, Potash and Phosphorus is present
  • Includes excretory products of earthworms and micronutrients from the soil.
  • Vermiwash contains many beneficial microbes preventing infections and helping plant growth.
  • Amino acids, phenols, and Sugars are also present
  • Hormones present like indole acetic acid, gibberellic acid, and humic acid are promoting plant growth.
  • Vermiwash must be diluted by mixing with water and then use on the plant/crop.

Vermiwash liquid fertilizer analysis report

pH-                                              7.01
Electro conductivity-                  8.88 mm hos/cm
Organic Carbon %-                     0.008 ± 0.001
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen %-         0.01±0.005
Available Phosphate % -             1.69 ± 0.05
Potassium (ppm)-                        25 ± 2
Sodium (ppm)-                            8 ± 1
Calcium (ppm)-                           3 ± 1
Copper (ppm)-                             0.01 ± 0.001
Ferrous (ppm)-                             0.06 ± 0.001
Magnesium (ppm)-                      158.44 ± 23.42
Manganese (ppm)-                       0.58 ± 0.040
Zinc (ppm)-                                  0.02 ± 0.001
Total Heterotrophs (CFU/ml)-     1.79 x 103
Nitrosomonas (CFU/ml)-             1.01 x 103
Nitrobacter (CFU/ml)-                 1.12 x 103
Total Fungi (CFU/ml)-                 1.46 x 103

Vermiwash liquid fertilizer dosage 

How to use Vermiwash?

  • Spraying the Vermiwash for a one-acre fruit farm, use two to four liters according to the growth of the plant.
  • If you want to use Vermiwash by drip, you should use ten to fifteen liters for an acre.
  • Spraying one acre for vineyard crop, using two to three liters of Vermiwash, along with one to two grams of jaggery for one liter, according to the growth of the plant.
  • Below 1 Celsius temperature, the absorption of the nutrients capacity of the root is low and the growth of the crop is slow.
  • In such a situation, a mixture of three to four milliliters of Vermiwash and one to two grams black jaggery should be prepared for one liter of water.
  • Spraying Vermiwash in the early growing stage of leafy vegetables should start from two liters and increase up to three to four liters in the later period.
  • For steam irrigation, use ten liters for one acre mixed with two to three kilograms of jaggery.
  • In the case of foliar spray Vermiwash to water, the ratio is kept from 60:40 to 40: 60. 

Important precautions

  1. If you are used directly organic liquid fertilizer on plants, there is the possibility of absorbing excess salts by plants. So first water the plants sufficiently, allow them to take water and then apply organic liquid fertilizer
  2. When the farmers spray Gomutra ( cow urine) with Vermiwash. This is observed that the combination damaged the crops, so the use of Gomutra with Vermiwash must be avoided.
  3. In the mixture of jaggery and vermiwash, the jaggery is used as a spread and to some extent and hormones are made available to the crop.
  4. Keep the unit in a shady region.
  5. Less or more water is harmful to the earthworm.
  6. Don’t use fresh dung that will release methane (harmful for earthworm).

Organic liquid fertilizer Vermiwash preparation is simple, economical, and beneficial for the farmers instead of purchasing chemical fertilizers and other crop nutrients.